Quarry Hunters HFT Club - Course Setting Teams

Team A:

Pete Sparkes (Chief Setter)

Derick Stone

Stuart James

Ken Pothecary

Dan McMahon

To ensure maximum shooting variety from week to week, on normal club days, the course will be set-up by alternating course setting teams. The two teams work to the roster defined on the Events page. Notice of the next course setting team will also be posted on the Welcome page prior to the next shoot.

Team B:

Pete Sparkes

Derick Stone

Stuart James (Chief Setter)

Ken Pothecary

Dan McMahon

On your allocated days of course setting please get up the club bright and early (before 09:00 in the summer and before 10:00 in the winter) to get the course out as quickly as possible for club members and visitors alike to enjoy the shooting challenges of the day.

Prior to or on the morning of your course setting day the Chief Setter will decide the shooting line for the day’s course and communicate it to the team. Only team members will confer on target placement and placement tactics.

If the Chief Setter cannot make it he will delegate his duties to another team member.

Remember - all able-bodied club members are duty bound to help the setting teams with fetching, carrying, target placement, roping, pegging and string unwinding and every one is responsible for course retrieval at the end of the shoot.

Team course setting applies to standard 30 shot 15 lane club competitions only - the rules and format of which can be found and downloaded HERE.

To help Chief Setters plan the shooting line in advance a printable aerial view of Quarry can be downloaded HERE.